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Early Childhood Information

Welcome to Cullender Kindergarten’s

Early Childhood Classes

Teacher – Cathy Horton

ABCMOUSE has a free code.  Go to the district websited and scroll down the page until you reach the educational websites list.  That is where you will find the free code.


As we temporarily utilize on-line learning, please look on this page for lessons.   CONTACT ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR HELP.  I CAN ALWAYS BE REACHED BY DOJO; PHONE CALL; E-MAIL; AND ZOOM.  Look at my YouTube page for learning and fun songs.  When I have a new video on my Youtube channel I will send you all a DOJO, or I will call you if needed.  I will be available for Zoom conferences on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30-10:30 and 12:45-1:45.  If these times are not convenient please contact me and I will work with you to schedule another time.  Thank you.

INDIVIDUAL LESSON PACKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON:        Monday, March 30, 2020, 9:00-12:30

March 30 – April 3        

We are focusing  on “Traditional Songs” for our current theme.  This week the children will sing ”The Wheels on the Bus,” a song that most people learned as a child.  All suggested activities are fun and you should have the materials needed in your household.  I will also send some materials.                                                                        

*Teach and sing the song “The Wheels on the Bus” to your child.  Sing often and have fun.  There are many versions to this traditional song.  Your child may enjoy learning several of these versions.                                                                                                                      

*Explain to your child that while he/she may ride a school bus, there are passenger buses that people pay money in order to ride.

*Demonstrate the actions as you sing with your child (wheels go round-roll hands around each other; wipers go swish-move hands in front of you like windshield wipers; horn goes beep-spap your hand into the palm of your other hand like honking a horn; doors go open/shut-put palms of hands together and then separate far apart and repeat; driver says “move on back”-point your thumb over your shoulder; babies say “wah, wah, wah-rub fists in front of eyes; mommies say, “shush, shush, shush”-hold index finger in front of mouth as if saying shhh).                                                                                                                                                 

PACKET LESSONS AND DIRECTIONS (choose 1 “The Wheels on the Bus” activity page each day)

**Lyrics to the song “The Wheels on the Bus” are included for reference

**After singing the song several times so that you and your child are familiar with the characters and actions, give your child the page that says “I Can Point at the Pictures to Request.”    Before singing again, point to each picture and have your child identify the picture.  Next, sing the song and as you sing “the wheels” have your child point to the picture of the wheels.  Continue singing and have your child point to the corresponding picture.  Encourage your child to name the picture                                                                                                                                                         

**DAY 1-Sing the song.  When finished, give your child the I Can Match page.  Before matching, point to each picture and have your child name the picture.  Fold the page in half so that each half has a column of pictures.  On side one name the “bus” and have your child point to the bus.  Tell your child that there is another bus on the other side of the page.  Turn the page over and again have your child point to the bus.  Now tell your child that the buses need to find each other and that they get to draw a line to “tie” the buses together.  Open the page so that both columns are visable and have your child draw an imaginary line (using their finger) from bus to bus.  When successfull, allow your child to use a crayon/pencil/marker to actually draw a line (assist as needed).  Take the crayon/marker/pencil away at this point and you will hold it until needed.  Repeat the above directions for the picture of the baby.  When you get to the picture of the steering wheel, keep the paper open and see if your child can find the other picture.  If so, you will not need to fold the page in half to complete the matches.  When the paper is complete, go back and tell your child that they “matched” the pictures.  Review each picture using the word “matched.”   

**DAY 2 -Sing the song.  There is a small baggie with buses of different sizes.  After singing the song, show the five buses.  Have your child put the buses in order from smallest to largest.  You can mix them up and do this as many times as your child is interested.  Repeat daily as long as your child is interested and when it becomes  too easy, change it up and have him put it in order from biggest to smallest.  Be sure to use the vocabulary (smallest; largest; biggest).  If five pictures are too difficult for your child, start with three buses and add another bus when your child is able to advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

**DAY 3 – Sing the song.  There is a set of pictures-one is a bus with windows, wheels, etc.- another paper has different shapes on it.  After asking your child to name the shapes on the page or to point to the named shape, you (the parent) will need to cut out all of the shapes on the page.  Using the picture of the completed bus as a model, help your child to glue the shapes in the correct place in order to make a “bus” (I have included a blank sheet of paper for you to use to glue together the new bus).   Please keep naming the shapes as you help your child with this craft.  

**DAY 4 - Sing the song.   Bus Name Paper –  There is a paper with the front and the back of the bus with windows.  There is an additional paper with just windows.  Parent, you will cut out the bus pieces so that your child can put the letters of his/her name in order.  The first letter will be in the window of the front of the bus and the last letter will be in the window of the back of the bus.  The other windows will be in the middle.  Help your child (if needed) to put the letters in order.  You can write out your child’s name for them to use as a visual aide if needed.  Your child can either keep the pieces separate and put the bus name puzzle together over and over or you can glue the “bus” togther on the strip that I have included.

**Day 5 – Sing the song.  Review and then help your child to put the cards (you will need to cut out the cards) in the correct sequence.  When completed, have your child leave the cards in order and sing the song to you. 


     *If you can access YouTube, watch together the video of “The Wheels on the Bus” and when finished ask questions, such as:  “What shape are the wheels?   Why did the bus use the wipers?       Can you show me how the doors open and shut?  What kind of bus is in the song (passenger or school bus)?       *If you have access to the internet, show a picture of a school bus and of a passenger bus.  Compare how the two buses are alike (people ride on them; people have to sit down; both have wheels) and different (School buses are usually painted yellow; only teachers and school children ride school busses; you do not pay money to get on and ride a school bus.  Passenger buses are usually found in large towns/cities; families can ride passenger buses; you have to pay money to ride on passenger buses.)                                                                                       

     *Give your child play dough balls and show how to flatten like a pancake.  Help your child to form the play dough into circles to make “wheels.”  Line up the “wheels” and count them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

     *Cover a large cookie sheet with shaving cream, pudding, cornmeal, or rice.  Demonstrate to your child how to make “windshield wiper” designs using craft sticks 

     *Cut paper towel or toilet paper tubes into four rings.  Make a road on your table (you can uses paper strips, string, masking tape, etc.) and show your child how to “roll the wheels” on the road.  They have to stay in the boundaries created by the masking tape, string, etc.

     *Still using the “road” that you created, allow your child to roll small toy cars or trains across the table.                                                                                                                                 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              *Have Fun-Use Your Imagination