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GT Testing and Nominations


Dear Parents:

January is the month we take referrals for G. T. testing. If you would like to have your child tested for the G. T. program, it would be very helpful if you would talk with your child’s teacher and see if she sees these traits and indicators in the classroom as well. Together with the teacher’s input and observations, parent input and information, along with the “Differentiation” check list, we should be able to decide if your child is ready to be tested for the G. T. program. Please read over the “Differentiation” list and if you have any questions feel free to call and discuss with me.

Thank you so much for helping the testing process to be more efficient and expeditious.




Bonnie Benad, Counselor


A Differentiation Between the Bright Child
and the Gifted Learner

The Bright Child 

Knows the Answer
Is Interested
Is Attentive
Has Good Ideas
Works Hard
Answers the Questions
Top Group
Listens with Interest
Learns with Ease
6-8 Repetitions for Mastery
Understands Ideas
Enjoys Peers
Grasps the Meaning
Completes Assignments
Is Receptive
Copies Accurately
Enjoys School
Absorbs Information
Good Memorizer
Enjoys straightforwad Presentation
Is Alert
Is Pleased with Own Learning

The Gifted Learner

Asks the Questions
Is Highly Curious
Is Mentally & Physically Involved
Has Wild, Silly Ideas
Plays Around, Yet Tests Well
Discusses in Detail, Elaborates
Beyond the Group
Shows Strong Feelings and Opinions
Already Knows
1-2 Repitions for Mastery
Constructs Abstractions
Prefers Adults
Draws Inferences
Initiates Projects
Is Intense
Creates a New Design
Enjoys Learning
Manipulates Information
Good Guesser
Thrives on Complexity
Is Keenly Observant
Is Highly Self-Critical







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