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The Early Years

 The early years are the very best time to build a strong foundation in language and literacy.  Help your children make connections between word and meaning with the following tips:

Infants – Sing to your baby and join him in play.

               Introduce him to books (cardboard or cloth).

               When enjoying books together, ask “What’s that?” or “Where is the bunny?” to increase vocabulary.

               Point out words on signs at the park or zoo or while walking or driving.

               As children begin to notice letters on blocks or toys, name the letters for them.


Toddlers –  Reading stories before bedtime or anytime!

                  Let toddlers “write” shopping lists with you or engage in other grocery store activities.

                  Take short trips to different places and talk about what is happening around you.

                  Give children magnetic letters for the refrigerator and begin spellin out words and names as they are introduced to them.


Preschoolers – Encourage to carry out steps to a written recipe or look at labels at the store.

                         Children at this age may begin asking questions about the print they see in books.  Books with labeled pictures help to connect words and objects more easily.

                         Play picture-card games with your child. (Remember they may not always play by the rules at this age.)

                         Encourage children to “play” at writing and reading.

                         If children have devices, encourage educational reading apps, such as Starfall, Teach Your Monster to Read, Reading Raven, Reading Eggs, etc.


Primary Grade Children – Continue to read with your child, especially at bedtime, even if he has already learned to read.

                                          Make books a regular part of your children’s lives.  (Visit the library/book fairs at school, etc)  Show children that you read books for information and enjoyment.

                                          Listen to stories that your children write.  Encourage them to write down their ideas.

                                          Play word games, such as Boggle or Scrabble

                                          Consider reading apps, such as Epic, Vooks, Khan Acadmey, etc.


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